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Join our network. Buy Membership, Start referring your friends and family members, Earn Unlimited Commissions with direct referrals, and upto 10 Indirect referral levels.
Get Generous rewards from (1000% upto 5000%) by completing levels, Cloud Mining, or trading our products.


CLK coin

Cryptolink is a pioneering cloud mining platform with a unique referral system investment model, revolutionizing the way individuals participate in cryptocurrency mining and investment.

Our comprehensive ecosystem is designed to provide users with seamless access to cloud mining services, virtual mining chips, and a dynamic marketplace for trading digital assets.

With a commitment to innovation, transparency, and profitability, we empower our clients to capitalize on the potential of the digital economy and achieve their financial goals.

Modern way to make Money

  Refer as much as possible to maximise your earnings.

CLKoin Token

Our native token, it serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, with a total supply of 1B tokens

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CLPS Loyal Points

Users are rewarded with CLPS, each valued at 0.01 USD. It can be redeemed for various benefits within the platform.

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Referral Star Coin

RSTAR are rewarded for users with the most active referrals, valued at 100$, it's directly redeemed to your wallet.

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VMC Mining Cards

Our innovative VMcards provide users with the ability to mine CLKoin in the cloud without the need for specialized hardware. Learn more  

Rewards on Goals

More bonuses, More Income. You will earn rewards when you complete goals or achievements.

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How It Works?

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3 Simple Steps will make real income. Share, Wait and Earn.

Register, Create


Start by registering an account with us. It's preferred to register through a referral link to get the
15$ Free Bonus and a free
Cloud mining chip.


Buy Membership


Once you registered, you need to activate your account by purchasing a membership plan, a plan that suits your budget, and start distributing your referral link to others to gain rewards.


Refer and enjoy


When others register using your link, they will get 15 $ free bonus.
After they activate their accounts, you will earn a generous commission and they a free Cloud mining chip.


Plans Details

* Commissions are based on others referral plans, if the plan's greater than yours, you'll get the same level of their commissions.

Regardless of your Plan Commission.

Commissions Reward Fixed Reward % Extra Reward Levels Referrals Indirect Refs
Smart Plan $1 1.25% $600 Level 1 100 1 Level
Advanced Plan $2 2% $1500 Level 2 200 Min 200
Expert Plan $4 4% $4500 Level 4 700 Min 2100
Premium Plan $6 6% $12500 Level 6 1500 Min 7500
Ultimate Plan $8 8% $32500 Level 8 2500 Min 17500
VIP Pro Plan $10 10% $82500 Level 10 5000 Min 45000

* If you purchased Smart Plan, and your Referral user purchased a bigger plan,
then, you'll get the same commission of that bigger Plan of that referral user,
Same goes for Indirect referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLKoin ?

Platform Token (CLKoin): Our native platform token, CLKoin, serves as the backbone of our ecosystem, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, each valued at 1 USDT. CLKoin enables users to participate in various platform activities and transactions.

What is CLPS?

CLK Loyal Points (CLPS), Active referral users are rewarded with CLK loyal points, each valued at 0.01 USDT. These loyal points can be redeemed for various benefits within the platform.

What is RSTAR?

Referral Star Tokens (RSTAR), is gifted to the users with the most active referrals whether it was direct referrals or indirect ones, each valued at 100 USDT. These RSTARs can be redeemed for various benefits within the platform.

What is VMC?

Virtual Mining Cards (VMcards): Our innovative VMcards provide users with the ability to mine CLKoin in the cloud without the need for specialized hardware. Each card comes with different mining power levels, ensuring flexible and efficient mining operations.

What is P2P Marketplace?

P2P Market: Our platform features a dynamic peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell CLKoin, VMining Cards, and other assets. Users can create flexible offers to meet their trading needs.

What is Exchange / Direct Swap?

Exchange (Instant Direct Swap) Our instant direct swap exchange facilitates seamless conversion of CLKoin, loyal points, and RSTAR Tokens, converted directly to USDT or other supported coin, with some added exchange extra fees.

Do we have a wallet?

Our wallet mainly used to store CLKoin, Currently, Users can securely store and transfer CLKoin, USDT, loyal points (CLPS), and other supported assets within our wallet, with zero transaction fees.

And Payment Gateways?

We offer multiple payment gateways for withdrawing profits and funds, including instant transfers to other Crypto wallets, Binance, PayPal, and other defined methods.

Why do we need CLKoin?

CLK is a Comprehensive Ecosystem To satisfy all of your cryptocurrency demands, CryptolinkCash provides a comprehensive ecosystem that includes cloud mining, trading, and asset storage. We give you the chance to trade assets, invest with us, and take advantage of our special referral system, cloud mining services, and the Extra reward system.

Our Mission

At Cryptolink Online, our mission is to democratize access to cryptocurrency mining and investment opportunities, enabling anyone, regardless of background or expertise, to participate in the digital economy. We strive to foster financial inclusion and empowerment through our user-friendly platforms and comprehensive investment services.

Proven Track Record

With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner and Adviser for individuals seeking reliable investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, Since 2018, and until now.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our mining facilities are equipped with the latest hardware and infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in cryptocurrency mining operations.

Transparent and Secure

We prioritize transparency and security in everything we do, implementing robust security measures to safeguard our clients' assets and providing real-time access to mining statistics and investment performance reports.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, assisting clients with any inquiries or issues they may encounter along their investment journey.

CLK Cloud Mining Solutions

Our state-of-the-art mining facilities leverage cutting-edge technology to efficiently mine various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and more. Clients can invest in mining plans tailored to their preferences, allowing them to earn passive income from the mining rewards without the hassle of managing hardware or technical complexities.

Virtual Mining Cards

The new NFT system, we call it “VMC” first Gen, it’s used for mining our Token (CLKoin) over the clouds, each card comes with a different mining power depending on its price, the minimum income of any VMC is more than 100% of its value, and after finishing its mining operations, the card’s burned automatically.
Next Gen of VMC, will not expire, the clients don’t need to purchase special hardware for mining "like ASIC miners", or staking a big portion of any crypto they own in their wallets. These cards will do the job for the clients in much guaranteed way with big returns.

VMC as a Gift

For every Membership Users purchase or upgrade, they will receives one free VMcard "VMC-T50", everytime a user upgrade will receive a free VMC-T50.
And those who don't bring in any referrals will receive six free VMcards "VMC-T50" gradually gifted to them at no cost.

VMC in P2P Market

For the Gen-2 VMC, Every VMCard is Salable, you can purchase the VMcards, use it in mining, or sell it again with profit in the P2P Market.

The Token

Is a cryptocurrency built on layer 1 of CLK blockchain that will mostly be used for asset tokenization, which is the process of logging the rights to an asset into the CLK chain so that it may be kept, sold, and obviously traded on our blockchain platform. and to enhance CLK economy, We added features to our investment vehicle that you can investigate below.

Referral system

We implemented a special mechanism that enables users to profit by sharing the referral link indefinitely and receive the same commissions that others are making in their investment plans in order to boost the token economy and enable all members to profit from investing with us.

Extra Reward system

Our generous reward system offers accumulated incremental rewards, allowing users to double their rewards with each new referral. this is separated from the referral commision, but, it's the accumalted rewards that you get in each finished level as an extra commisions.

Membership Plans

To access our full range of services, users must purchase a membership plan, which activates features such as the referral system, wallet usage, P2P marketplace, exchange, and cloud mining, and get extra giveaways, like free VMCards, and Free CLPS.

Mining the Coin

CLKoin mining supports an efficient mechanism for distributing CLKoin rewards. In addition to participating in the creation of new tokens, miners that aggressively increase their mining capacity also successfully obtain more chances of getting more of the new digital tokens, allowing them to make extra rewards, gain more advantages, and maximize profits, while involving themselves in the process of supporting CLK network.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

From cloud mining to trading and storing Assets, CryptolinkCash offers a comprehensive ecosystem to meet all your cryptocurrency needs.